On November 24th, 2017 Quebec Folk/Trad outfit Les Tireux d’Roches (TDR) will release their latest album, Tarmacadam, on the Les Faux-Monnayeurs label. This, their sixth studio album, was recorded in September 2017 at the Dogger Pond Music studio in Drummondville, QC, and was produced by Davy Hay Gallant.

Tarmacadam (another term for Tarmac) is a nod to the extensive travelling the group has done over two decades—landing in multiple destinations in the vast international world music network. The album showcases both original compositions and reworkings of music from traditional French and Québécois repertoire.

Tarmacadam is a notable return to the band’s musical roots while highlighting the tightly woven orchestrations and musicality of its members: Denis Massé (vocals, accordions), Dominic Lemieux (guitar, bouzouki, vocals), David Robert (percussions, vocals), Pascal « Per » Veillette (guitar, harmonica, podorythmie & vocals) et Luc Murphy (flute, alto flute, piccolo, baritone saxophone & vocals).

Few groups can boast about being on the road for 20 years: “I attribute the band’s longevity to the warm and enthusiastic responses from our fans, and the camaraderie that exists between band members, says Denis Massé. The show lasts 90 minutes; that leaves another 22.5 hours of vans, planes, hotels and restaurants. You gotta appreciate the guy sitting next to you!”

The group has come a long way since its modest beginnings in 1998 at La Pierre Angulaire, a little café in St-Élie- de-Caxton, Mauricie. As time passed, the village’s gravel roads gave way to tarmacadam highways, taking the group throughout North America, Europe and China.

Les Tireux d’Roches is a gregarious gang of lovable misfits creating a festive atmosphere wherever they go.


Denis Massé : Vocals – Accordion

Dominic Lemieux : Guitar – Bouzouki – Vocals
David Robert : Percussions – Vocals

Pascal « Per » Veillette : Guitar – Harmonica – Podorythmy – Vocals

Luc Murphy : Flute – Alto Flute – Piccolo – Baritone Saxophone – Vocals